Features of a Good Business Brand Website in Today’s Tech World

Finally you are ready to take your business online now? So the most important thing is to have a good featured and professional website which helps to people for knowing about your business to perform well in the digital world?

It’s always a best decision to trust and hire only an experienced Web Design Gurgaon to get developed and designed a first class quality website and boosts the prospects of your business over the web and always make sure that Website must be designed and developed with all important features and functionalities so that visitor can find easily for the purpose they visit your website very easily .It should not lack important information or anything that curtails its prospects in the digital world.

 Things to consider before website designing process

  • Features and functions relevant to intended audience
  • Responsiveness of website on mobile and other devices
  • A intermingle of both technical merit and visual appearance of the website
  • Social Media Integration
  • CMS structure and navigation
  • Loading time
  • Reliable Hosting.
  • Utility for the audience


A brand website must be in complete accordance with your audience in true sense or not.

Your website will not act as a perfect marketing tool if lack behind important and basic features in perfectly accurate manner that provide a countable value and resource to visitors  anyhow in all the way. It’s therefore important to have only a good website so that the performance of the business can be boosted.

Here are some of key features your business website should have-

Domain Name & Logo

Always choose an easy to remember domain name because it help users and search engines to remember. Logo must be visually appealing at top right which represents your business in an absolute perfect manner.

Tagline & Contact Number

Visitors who are coming to your website wants to get information in small time and at that time tagline helps them get a better precision about the business .Also contact number must be present at the top which increases trust of your visitors.



The top navigation must be 100% clear and easy to read. Each and every page of Website must have bread crumb navigation to help users find things simply on the site.

 Call to Action Button (CTA)

A good and professional website is one which is easy to read and simple to access CTA button should preferably on at the top.

Images or sliders

A high-quality business website also makes use of images or sliders on the landing page or in inner pages as well.

Business information

Since a website purpose is to deliver accurate information and details for which users visit to your website and our main motto is to clear their doubts so all business necessary details must be from location to contact info to contact form to branch office details etc., the whole thing should be there in the site.

Testimonials & Reviews

Both testimonials and reviews in the website boost business credibility and also a video testimonial is even more helpful.


Social Media Buttons

Website must have proper social media integration buttons in the footer. Due to this visitors can get a broader idea about your business’ social presence and its public impact.

Chat Feature & Captcha Form

It’s good to have feature of online chat which helps users to engage in convenient and professional manner. Captcha must be there on all pages to avoid risks and inconveniences of spam.

FAQ page

FAQ page is a list of some of questions and answers which support users to understand easily products and services offered by your business along with this also solve their related

Blog page

A business brand website must have a blog page to increase its marketing prospects in a grand way.

Readable and Well-Formatted Content

Content must be useful, readable and formatted in a professional manner with use of accurate font, color, style etc to help add value to users.


Responsive design

Most important thing according to current market standards is that website should have responsive design which offers a consistent look and feel across all mobile devices and variable screen size.


SEO Friendly Website Design

If  a business website is not SEO friendly then it will surely not serve the desired purpose for generating sales so it must have proper Page meta titles , description and Meta tags according to business specific keywords also must have proper site map, robots files, Google analytics, webmaster and other technical aspects related to SEO.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

The website should be compatible with all browsers currently used by users

Fast Loading Speed

Site should not take more than 2-3 seconds otherwise visitors may switch to your competitive website.


All security features and certificates must be properly integrated so that visitors won’t feel worried in giving their payment details and other person info with ease.

In overall, hire the best web design company in Gurgaon to get a feature-rich professional and quality website designed and developed. This is how you can increase the prospects of your business in the digital world.


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