Top Reasons to Quickly Start Using Accelerated Mobile Pages in Business/Brand Website?

It is well known that Consumers wants everything delivered in the palm of their hand, and they want it quickly.

So are thinking about adding Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to your business website? Stop thinking and start begin it just now with professional web design company in Gurgaon – Gap Infotech!

AMP, it is an open-source technology which makes pages of your website to load rapidly for users on a mobile device which works with JavaScript library and few additional HTML markup.


Reasons why you should add AMP technology to business website:

AMP is necessary for result orienting mobile SEO.

If you want high keywords ranking of your brand website then it must be 100% mobile-friendly and that would be possible with AMP as it is one of latest iteration of mobile-friendly website design.

With AMP, all website pages and blog posts will load very quickly on all of the mobile devices which offer better experience and Google will prefer to rank your website well in the mobile search engine results pages (SERPs).

Reduce Bounce Rate.

If you are worried about your website high bounce rate as people visit your site, hang around for a few seconds, and then go anywhere else, you’re clearly not doing something right to motivate them retain on your website.

That’s why AMP is so important and helpful. It will load your pages in a twinkle so that users will have one less reason to run away.

AMP help in monetize your site.

Do you know why some sites are excruciatingly slow? Because they’re loaded up with ad technology which is ironical. Of course, some users do not want to see overloaded website so enter AMP. It was designed to intend with ad monetization in mind.

Main motive of designing and building Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is to ensure effectual ad monetization on the mobile web while taking up a good user-centric approach.

Google loves AM.

If you want to increase website visibility then have to use it and absolutely Google loves AMP.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are some HTML pages that are optimized to load quickly on mobile devices. Valid AMP pages on a website will be entitled to be shown in search results and receive special bagging in search results.”

For more clarification about how to get your website AMP designed and developed contact now web designing company in Gurgaon now and let’s discuss with experienced web designers in team who are well aware about latest technologies and trends.


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