Important Factors to reflect on Before Designing and Developing a new Brand Website

Before you go on board upon designing and development of a new web project so few main and important factors are discussed here which needs a strong attention because proportions of online business and digital marketing strategies have seen a big alteration in the recent time and the focus has shifted to providing an improved user experience so as to decrease the bounce rate by reliable and technical expert Web Design Company in Gurgaon.

Because a brand/company website is no longer a simple demonstration of a company’s services and products rather than it now becomes a complete marketplace where the company can sell products and services to the users. As the website design is the primary item about the website that is noticed by the user and keep him stick to it and hence it must be good-looking, modern and simply navigable.


Website Aim: firstly the main motto of the website designing and development purpose it has to serve should be clear to you and the designer.

Target audience and niche market: Every and each type of business must identify and specify a target audience and market. So the website design must make intelligence of the set of customer, the business wants to target.

Users Feedback: Incorporate a proper vision to get feedback from the users/client’s/customers who visit the website

Cost of Website Running: The website must not use up resources, rather should make it so it important to completely assess the cost of running in accordance with your budget the website it’s designing it.

Entire SEO Friendly Design: The website design must be according to all of the main SEO factors, so that website can easily ranks on Google with high SERP’s as now SEO is a significant feature of website marketing and the design should be SEO friendly.

Hire professional a designer: Always hire profession website designer in Gurgaon which must have good skills and innovative enough to come up with a convincing design.

Complete well managed and plan of action: Make smartly a proper plan for your website and schedule to execute them as a well notion plan is very imperative as it lets you set goals and think of ways to achieve them.

Web Hosting : Many factors must be carefully taken before selecting web hosting site mainly such as bandwidth, security, space and price. The web hosting provider must also have an well-organized support service.


Responsive Design: As now all mobile phones taking up the internet user’s space so your website must be responsive to all devices and easily adapts to the screen size of the mobile or the tab device.

Domain Name Registration: Wisely choose a domain name as it importantly expose clear idea about any of the business  as name you decide must fitted into the people’s memory.

Simple, Professional and Clear Design: A website must have clean and attractive design which is appealing and beautiful with Intuitive navigation, Readable, Understandable and Attractive

Color: People attract to colors very much and play a very important role in creating a great blow on people as colors have a great power to make various kinds of good responses in human being.

Navigation: User experience needs to be taken into account while designing a website so it provides a complete easiness of navigation which is properly managed by best Web Designing Company in Gurgaon

Site Loading Time: Do not overload your page with needless things.

Social Media Incorporation: It is also very important as with it maximum number of audience get engaged with you


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