What is the Need of Custom Web Design? By Web Design Company in Gurgaon

Your specific and important needs – Custom Web Designing

Website Design is a space that is forever changing. It is Important that your website should comply with latest website designing technologies and at Gap Infotech top web design company in Gurgaon we always motivate our website designers team to keep learning new things. We can make promise to you that if looking for a designing and developing a fully professional and customized website that can keep up with the needs of the day, we can definitely help you on that.


Why Choose Custom Web Design?

You might be think that what is the requirement of custom design for your business/brand website and what advantage it offers to your business? How custom web design is good than a template design?

Better Ranking and Visibility on Search Engines

Various marketing and promotional development proves that custom website designs is enjoying better search engines rank and more marketing benefits than others . As already made templates are low in quality and unique behavior, but fully customized website designs are specifically known for their excellence and exclusivity which leaves a great impact on users which in turn leads to higher number of visits and ROI.


High Quality Uniqueness

It is natural that a website which is customized according to your needs, allow any type of modification with time. So a custom web design allows the site to have a high-quality uniqueness that every business website must have!

Easy To Do Changes

Custom web designs are very easier to edit as compared to other design helpmates because they are designed in the way that suits your business natures and requirement. When every you wants to change images, add/remove a feature, add some buttons, modify content all come be done hassle free.

Better Reflect Your Business

A custom designed website makes you look website a more professional and also good custom web design can define your brand which directly turn in achieving more potential clients.


Check out our Web Design Process –

  • Identify deeply business needs
  • Identifying the basic features that are adding cost to your website design budget
  • Tell you about latest features and web design trends prevailing in market that will help increase up the visits on your website.

So if you want that your business website must be unique and different than contact our designing team at website designing company in Gurgaon which is always ready to help.


How SEO Company in Gurgaon Convert Your Website Visitors into Leads?

Over millions of searches are generating on search engines. However few searches may for your same services or products as well. So why not gain your potential customers from these authentic searches to gain visibility on search engines and increase conversions rate through website

If your business website is selling a product/service of any type and you want your spectators to opt for your particular service.

Gap Infotech is a result oriented SEO Company in Gurgaon which adopt all latest and effective online marketing techniques to get client at top position. Few points must be noted to get more and more effective results such as


Call to Action CTA is the text or button on website which must be highlighted to create an excitement about the deal or offer at hand. Each and every page of a website should have a CTA placed on it and it should be clearly applicable to the page.

Relevant Landing Page – When a visitor clicks on a particular CTA they must be sent to a landing page with proper content which must be contain proper information about that product and service.

Create a Form – Your form is the final wall for a visitor, previous to they get converted to leads. Main purpose is attaining as many prospects as possible to complete the form and change into a lead.

Thank You Page – A thank you page can helps in maintaining a healthy and trusted relationship. We can also let our new leads share the offer via social media.

Personalized Email – This email makes it easy for all of the leads to find the offer later and also revisit the practice.

CRM Accomplishment – Always choose a proper and accurate CRM will allow the business processes to be managed in most well-organized way.An ideal online platform is a very vital part of any website.


Main aim is to derive a correct conversion path which suits your requirement that is to convert visitors into leads.

To achieve the goal of improving search engine rankings, Gap Infotech, offers SEO services to optimize business position over SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

With our professional technical expertise with creativity to your website at first page of major search engine we only use all ethical and white hat SEO methodology according to all guidelines in mind to ensure that to serve our client with industries best practices for safer and faster ranking.


If you are looking for a professional SEO Company Gurgaon, Gap Infotech is an ideal to get unique business promotion strategy that does work EVERYTIME. Explore More About Our Expertise – Unlock Impending Of your Online Business

We are always here to Rule over the web. Let’s Get Started Today!

Website Redesigning: Questions to Ask Before Getting Started by Professional Web Designer in Gurgaon

When a business continues to grow, it become very important for brand website and online presence to evolve along with them. As trends change over time and time it is necessary for your company to remain ahead of the curve, so website needs to be with regular updates to maintain that modernity.

So your website requires full redesigning. Your design may not only be dated and also it might be perform poorly, or preventing your potential visitors from becoming customers easily enough. So it is important to known whether your website require redesign or not is what your business needs?

Some questions are here by professional Web Designer in Gurgaon web to ask and discuss when your brand is website fails in doing conversion:


Is website design on-brand?

Businesses might face both small and large changes on a regular basis. For more growth and acquisitions all companies have to go through rebranding efforts at some point of time. It’s critical for your website to work cohesively with all rebranding efforts which your business is lacking. If people are visiting your site, and it doesn’t reflect your offline branding, it will leads to mystification amongst your audience.

What makes your business unique?

A professional website is one of the most powerful platforms to set business identity apart from competitors within competitive industry. Eventually the design of your website should exemplify the exclusive value that you offer to customers that other companies simply can’t do.

Check out your competitor’s look what is working and not working and then create a plan for your own website. Take now website redesign as a chance to make your business stand out in a way that is different from your competitors.

Is your website easy to navigate?

Visitors must be able to accurate information for which they visit to your site. A clear and easy navigation must be present with a well planned strategy and design that makes your website an online resource with enhanced user experience for them


Each and every visitor must be able to easy navigate their way through your website through buttons and calls to action from one page to another.

Is website responsive or not?

In today’s technological mobile world, people are searching online all type of content and information from different devices. So Websites which are only designed to work on desktop computers will no longer succeed in this digital world. Each business /brand website must be designed to adjust to screens of different desktop and mobile devices.


So that all potential visitors can easily access your website from any device at all times, and a responsive design is essential to making this happen today which offers visitors an optimal user experience on all mobile devices. With responsive web design a business enjoys higher level of authority as you start to make yourself stand out more amongst competitors. What is your budget?

What new features must be add in website?

Advanced features on regular basis must be incorporated into website to stay side by side your top competitors in the market so that user’s will show interest in your website by finding latest and advanced functionalities such as live chat options, social media feeds, audio and video capabilities and many more can be added by doing research according to your business industry.

To learn more about website redesigning services contact now web design company in Gurgaon at Gap Infotech, or to provide some insight on any recent projects we have worked on, visit our website and contact now

Top Reasons to Quickly Start Using Accelerated Mobile Pages in Business/Brand Website?

It is well known that Consumers wants everything delivered in the palm of their hand, and they want it quickly.

So are thinking about adding Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to your business website? Stop thinking and start begin it just now with professional web design company in Gurgaon – Gap Infotech!

AMP, it is an open-source technology which makes pages of your website to load rapidly for users on a mobile device which works with JavaScript library and few additional HTML markup.


Reasons why you should add AMP technology to business website:

AMP is necessary for result orienting mobile SEO.

If you want high keywords ranking of your brand website then it must be 100% mobile-friendly and that would be possible with AMP as it is one of latest iteration of mobile-friendly website design.

With AMP, all website pages and blog posts will load very quickly on all of the mobile devices which offer better experience and Google will prefer to rank your website well in the mobile search engine results pages (SERPs).

Reduce Bounce Rate.

If you are worried about your website high bounce rate as people visit your site, hang around for a few seconds, and then go anywhere else, you’re clearly not doing something right to motivate them retain on your website.

That’s why AMP is so important and helpful. It will load your pages in a twinkle so that users will have one less reason to run away.

AMP help in monetize your site.

Do you know why some sites are excruciatingly slow? Because they’re loaded up with ad technology which is ironical. Of course, some users do not want to see overloaded website so enter AMP. It was designed to intend with ad monetization in mind.

Main motive of designing and building Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is to ensure effectual ad monetization on the mobile web while taking up a good user-centric approach.

Google loves AM.

If you want to increase website visibility then have to use it and absolutely Google loves AMP.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are some HTML pages that are optimized to load quickly on mobile devices. Valid AMP pages on a website will be entitled to be shown in search results and receive special bagging in search results.”

For more clarification about how to get your website AMP designed and developed contact now web designing company in Gurgaon now and let’s discuss with experienced web designers in team who are well aware about latest technologies and trends.

Ger Error Free and Clean Coded Dynamic Website Application at Gap Infotech Only

We deliver completely Customer Focused Solutions Built on Effective Programming Concepts Front-End Development services and solutions to our client’s

Get here Convenience, Compatibility, Navigability & Usefulness delivered to leave a strong impression

Great and strong web presence requires highly competent front-end creative implementation. Our team of expert web developers at Gap Infotech a top Web Design Company in Gurgaon can invert easily cutting-edge graphic designs to clean coded W3C validated mark-up that turns out to be the best possible development solution for our prestigious clients.


Our Front-end Development Areas Expertise:

  • Highly functional and error free interactive websites with complete user friendly interface & smooth navigation
  • 100% Mobile optimized responsive web application development
  • Use of complex HTML 5 Animations, Gaming & custom interactivity for make it attractive
  • Featured rich client applications with cross-browser, platform and device functionality
  • Customized Website Development
  • Completely customized according to different client’s requirements

We at Gap Infotech a professional web development company in Gurgaon specializes in developing custom web development projects with full accuracy which surely matches to client’s business requirements. Our team stays in touch with current market standard and requirement and always cutting-edge technologies to customize everything from the look & feel of front-end to expert back-end programming which comes to be a dynamic, fully featured functional & interactive web solution.


Custom Web Development Areas of Gap Infotech

  • Community driven web site development
  • E-commerce shopping portals
  • Composite informational sites
  • Multi-functional web applications and portals
  • Online Membership/Subscription sites
  • Social Media Networking Applications

Open Source Platform Development and Solutions

We at Gap Infotech completely deploys off-the-shelf web development solutions to save time & money of our clients to make a trusted and healthy relationships

We are providing a completely custom open source development service which consists of Content management solutions which provide absolute inherent flexibility & fast turnaround at reasonable cost.

Area of Specialization

  • WordPress – A Highly customized CMS & blogging engine
  • Cake PHP – A Feature-rich CMS
  • MY SQL — Content publishing framework
  • PHP — Top content publishing framework

Why Choose Gap Infotech for Web Development in Gurgaon

  • Technically strong team with experience in all fields of industries
  • Adaptec to latest coding guidelines & quality standards
  • Clean W3C validated code which is 100% compatible with all platforms & browsers
  • Easy maintainable website structure
  • Mobile responsive websites for attracting users
  • Do complete performance, load & stress testing of web application before final delivery to client
  • Use always up-to-date techniques with adoption of latest technologies
  • Totally SEO optimized designs to achieve rankings
  • Security and Safety provisions

Design Your Business On Mobile with Web Design Company in Gurgaon – Gap Infotech!

Make your amazing business idea a reality with Gap Infotech India #1 Mobile App Development Company in Gurgaon. Visit to get fresh new Mobile Application Development services which are customized for modern startups and established industries made especially for your business growth.

Now a day’s more and more people are using mobile devices or smart phones to access internet from mobile devices more than from desktops. In reality the days are not very far when the number of people accessing web using mobile will replace all other gadgets all together.We, at Gap Infotech a leading website design company in Gurgaon known for mobile app development as it is a matter of fact that mobile has now become crucial and your business needs to be ready for that.


As in future mobile devices will brings out more and more customers to their business hence businesses are stimulating themselves up to face the reality and power the ear-defining change.

Now Get the Best App For Your Business at Gap Infotech

We are having sufficient experience and expertise in developing extensive range of app development for both mobile and tablet. We are talented to develop and design completely customized apps that complete the requirement of various domain-specific and unique requirements of brands and businesses.

Our main aim is to increase the capabilities and progress of business and assist it providing smooth mobile experience to the targeted audience. We are having experienced and skilled team of web designers and developers which successfully deliver various mobile technologies and deliver high-end mobile apps development projects to clients for

  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Windows App Development

Get here mobile application for all purpose

Business & Education Apps

At Web Design Gurgaon We are designing and developing operations and process-centric business mobile apps for all iPhone, iPad and Android platforms to modify businesses according to the ever-rising potential of the user base. We develop apps that perfectly meet their cutting-edge and contemporary requirements of business of all industry verticals.


E-Commerce Mobile Apps

We provide high-end e-commerce mobile apps so that you can expand the reach of your business and reach to a wider market and customer so that user can easily use important features such as addition, update, organize, categorize and sell products and services, together with enabling orders, discounts many more

Social Networking , Entertainment And Games Mobile Apps many more……….

We formulate complete online marketing and digital marketing initiatives with mobile apps rich in multimedia content. We complete our work with latest technologies and trends for all platforms with perfect seamless blending of audio, content, images and texts etc.

At Gap Infotech we put together revenue streams and conversion metrics to consumer apps – so that businesses benefit as much as the users do.

Features of a Good Business Brand Website in Today’s Tech World

Finally you are ready to take your business online now? So the most important thing is to have a good featured and professional website which helps to people for knowing about your business to perform well in the digital world?

It’s always a best decision to trust and hire only an experienced Web Design Gurgaon to get developed and designed a first class quality website and boosts the prospects of your business over the web and always make sure that Website must be designed and developed with all important features and functionalities so that visitor can find easily for the purpose they visit your website very easily .It should not lack important information or anything that curtails its prospects in the digital world.

 Things to consider before website designing process

  • Features and functions relevant to intended audience
  • Responsiveness of website on mobile and other devices
  • A intermingle of both technical merit and visual appearance of the website
  • Social Media Integration
  • CMS structure and navigation
  • Loading time
  • Reliable Hosting.
  • Utility for the audience


A brand website must be in complete accordance with your audience in true sense or not.

Your website will not act as a perfect marketing tool if lack behind important and basic features in perfectly accurate manner that provide a countable value and resource to visitors  anyhow in all the way. It’s therefore important to have only a good website so that the performance of the business can be boosted.

Here are some of key features your business website should have-

Domain Name & Logo

Always choose an easy to remember domain name because it help users and search engines to remember. Logo must be visually appealing at top right which represents your business in an absolute perfect manner.

Tagline & Contact Number

Visitors who are coming to your website wants to get information in small time and at that time tagline helps them get a better precision about the business .Also contact number must be present at the top which increases trust of your visitors.



The top navigation must be 100% clear and easy to read. Each and every page of Website must have bread crumb navigation to help users find things simply on the site.

 Call to Action Button (CTA)

A good and professional website is one which is easy to read and simple to access CTA button should preferably on at the top.

Images or sliders

A high-quality business website also makes use of images or sliders on the landing page or in inner pages as well.

Business information

Since a website purpose is to deliver accurate information and details for which users visit to your website and our main motto is to clear their doubts so all business necessary details must be from location to contact info to contact form to branch office details etc., the whole thing should be there in the site.

Testimonials & Reviews

Both testimonials and reviews in the website boost business credibility and also a video testimonial is even more helpful.


Social Media Buttons

Website must have proper social media integration buttons in the footer. Due to this visitors can get a broader idea about your business’ social presence and its public impact.

Chat Feature & Captcha Form

It’s good to have feature of online chat which helps users to engage in convenient and professional manner. Captcha must be there on all pages to avoid risks and inconveniences of spam.

FAQ page

FAQ page is a list of some of questions and answers which support users to understand easily products and services offered by your business along with this also solve their related

Blog page

A business brand website must have a blog page to increase its marketing prospects in a grand way.

Readable and Well-Formatted Content

Content must be useful, readable and formatted in a professional manner with use of accurate font, color, style etc to help add value to users.


Responsive design

Most important thing according to current market standards is that website should have responsive design which offers a consistent look and feel across all mobile devices and variable screen size.


SEO Friendly Website Design

If  a business website is not SEO friendly then it will surely not serve the desired purpose for generating sales so it must have proper Page meta titles , description and Meta tags according to business specific keywords also must have proper site map, robots files, Google analytics, webmaster and other technical aspects related to SEO.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

The website should be compatible with all browsers currently used by users

Fast Loading Speed

Site should not take more than 2-3 seconds otherwise visitors may switch to your competitive website.


All security features and certificates must be properly integrated so that visitors won’t feel worried in giving their payment details and other person info with ease.

In overall, hire the best web design company in Gurgaon to get a feature-rich professional and quality website designed and developed. This is how you can increase the prospects of your business in the digital world.